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TRAFFIC is a program designed to help people understand their own thinking and communication styles, which in turn increases their appreciation for the communication styles of others. It addresses and adds value to the skills you use everyday when working with colleagues and managing relationships. 


Creates an understanding and increases an appreciation for others’ thinking styles
Greatly enhances team dynamics
Promotes creative thinking and problem solving activities
Reduces conflict and confrontation
Increases opportunities for open and honest communication


A process for restructuring departments optimizing dominant thinking styles
Follow-up built into the learning and application of Traffic
Accredited and experienced facilitators


We all have a dominant thinking style

How we send and receive information is very much based on how we think. When you consider how complex we are, it doesn’t take much to realize why even the simplest communication can be misunderstood. How you think affects how you do things. Understanding your communication style helps you send and receive the messages effectively. 

Think like a RED

70 percent of people think in terms of chapters - a beginning, a middle, and end. They possess a balance between conceptual and logical thought processes with a dominant element of instinct. If a situation does not feel appropriate, a Red thinker will not make a decision or move from their position. A Red thinker is likely to freeze when confronted with conflict. Their senses become overloaded with stimuli and almost completely shut down their rational thought process.

Think like a YELLOW

10 percent of people are constantly collecting and connecting bits of information. Their thought process is similar to mind mapping as they are storing data in 'pods' for future use. Yellows are very comfortable with conceptual ideas and tend to be the ideas people in a group. Yellows have difficulty when too many detailed facts and figures are presented to them for immediate response. The best way to both speak and write to a Yellow is to keep it visual, animated and conversational.

Think like a GREEN

20 percent of people have extremely organized thought processes and are quite sequential in their thinking. They process information visually, picturing it in their mind. Greens have difficulty processing information when emotionally charged words are directed toward them. their natural ability to visualize words graphically becomes over stimulated. The best way to both speak and write to Green is to keep it brief, us e few words and be as specific as possible.