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EQi , is an array of non-cognitive competencies, skills, and abilities which influences one’s ability to succeed in coping with environmental demands and pressures. It is the reason why some people seem to be able to manage themselves and others – and life, with ease. It is the key to productivity in business and effectiveness in life in general.

EQ-360 is a multirater measure of emotional intelligence (EI). The summary report combines an individual’s self-assessment (EQi) with the assessment results from the designated EQ-360 raters creating a complete “360-degree “ overview of an individual’s social and emotional functioning. 

EQ Benefits
• Reduces conflict and confrontation
• Reduces breakdowns in key relationships in the work environment and at home
• Maximizes client relationships and related bottom-line activity
• Increases ability of sales people to close sales and build solid customer relationships
• Acts as an integral coaching tool

EQ Features
• Based on sound scientific research
• Most important factor in predicting success and twice as important than IQ and technical skills and experience combined
• Identification and development tool for business leaders
• Process for selecting high competency levels in new hires
• Capacity to effectively recognize and manage our own emotions and those of others
• Teaches core skills such as self control, empathy, team work, self confidence, goal/achievement orientation